Air Conditioning Repair and Installation Services

Air Conditioning Repairs

Having a problem with your home or business air conditioning system?

Our team will diagnose your air conditioning system and determine why your air conditioning unit is not working correctly. If a repair is the best option for you, we’ll make sure it is done quickly and correctly. K&F HVAC makes sure that our vehicles are well-stocked, we do this so we can diagnose and fix the issue the same day.

AC Replacement

There are many reasons why your air conditioning system is in need of replacing. some reason are cost, efficiency, and the list goes on. However, choosing an air conditioner is never a one-size-fits-all situation. K&F HVAC pros come to your home to determine exactly which air conditioner will work best for you. We’ll always work with you to consider your budget, preferences, and other factors important for you and your home’s comfort.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner is necessary; it can help your unit last longer and run more efficiently. In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy estimates homeowners could make their unit between 5 and 15 percent more efficient just through regular filter replacements. Additionally, some manufacturers and repair warranties require annual system maintenance to remain valid. 

When You Need Reliability, Choose K&F HVAC LLC.

At K&F HVAC, we’ve built our entire business around the idea that our customers deserve the best possible treatment, starting with trustworthy technicians. Our technicians have licensing, qualification, and receive regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and products in the industry. We want you to be happy, so we back all of our work. This way, you can be certain that we provide an exceptional work standard.

For more information or to schedule service, contact us today! Whether you need an AC repair or heat pump installation, we have you covered. We are proud to be the best heating and cooling company in the Lehigh valley!

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